Rangers Did Not Lose This Game Because Of Officiating

Alexender Camilo
November 21, 2023  (10:04)

Something we Ranger fans dread to see, the refs head to the review booth to contact the folks at Toronto, to review a goal or a potential penalty for the Rangers.

I don't believe there is a place to track this stat, but I cannot recall a single time any reviewed play sent to Toronto has gone the Rangers way.
Some of the fans are furious and deservedly so.
The reviews from Toronto, have been highly controversial. Especially in the Rangers last two games against the Columbus Blue Jackets and the New Jersey Devils, both games the Rangers still managed to win despite the bad officiating.
Neither reviewed play went the Rangers way in the 6-3 loss to the Dallas Stars last night. They were the right calls however.
Mason Marchment appeared to put Dallas on top 3-2 with a power-play goal, but the refs were waving the goal off due to contact with the goalie.
That wasn't the case when you see the replay.
Igor didn't have the puck covered up. Goal should have counted and it did after Toronto reviewed it.
Head coach Peter Laviolette also challenged on a goalie interference play as well, and of course, didn't go the Rangers way.
But again, it was the right call, and a bad challenge from Laviolette.
The Rangers simply lost this game because the defense cratered in the end. Allowing so many breakaways from terrible neutral zone turnovers, and some poor play from the third pair of defensemen in Zac Jones and Braden Schneider.
Once the Rangers went up 2-0, a gear shifted with the team almost immediately and completely folded in the third.
Hopefully this will be a humbling experience for the team to actually play the full 60 minutes instead of only 45.
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