Rangers Biggest Obstacle Isn't Injuries, It's The Officiating

Alexender Camilo
November 19, 2023  (8:32 PM)

Rangers nation dreads whenever we see the refs head to the review table to get word from Toronto about a goal or play needing to get reviewed.

Whether it'd be a goal, or a penalty for a power-play, the Rangers have about the worst luck in the league.
It's been more apparent in the two games against the Columbus Blue Jackets, where the Rangers have four disavowed goals against them.
Will Cuylle was a victim of two of those goals being disallowed. Especially after this massive blunder, when you clearly see the goal pass the line.
Here is the video of the goal as it happened:
The goal was waved off because the play was blown dead by the whistle. But wait, the Devils benefited from a similar scenario!
The refs blew the whistle before the puck crossed the goal line, but it's called a good goal. You can clearly hear the whistle prior to the puck passing the line!
Unfortunately it doesn't end there. Michael McLeod originally got called for a five minute major for a high hit on Lindgren behind the Rangers net, but the play has been reviewed and they've waved the penalty off.
I do believe this wasn't worthy of a major penalty, but it did deserve a minor.
A similar thing happened against the Blue Jackets last week, where the hit was originally ruled a five minute major, but downgraded to a two minute minor.
The officiating in these games have been very questionable at best, especially with so many calls going against the Rangers from Toronto.
The only positive outlook we can take from this is we still keep winning! Plus the Rangers are clearly pissing off the person who has this vendetta with every passing win.
It's gonna take a lot more than bad officiating to beat us!
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