Real story emerges behind failed Markstrom - Devils trade

Ryan Hall
March 5, 2024  (3:01 PM)

Frank Seravalli
Photo credit: Sportsnet

It's been a very emotional and wild past few weeks for the Calgary Flames as the team continues to ride a roller coaster of uncertainty with the potential of this team looking vastly different next season.

This continuous exodus out of the franchise which include many prominent players has turned this organization on its head leaving fans asking for answers.
The latest debacle was the failed Jacob Markstrom - New Jersey Devils trade that appeared to be well on its way to being completed last week.
Dailyfaceoff.com's CEO Frank Seravalli revealed today on why this deal failed to materialize which had to do with Flames president Don Maloney.
«I don't think Jacob Markstrom's issue with the Flames' front office is at all with Craig Conroy,» Seravalli said. «My understanding, and this is a belief I've had for three weeks or a month now, is that the Flames and Devils had agreed to a trade on Markstrom. They had gone to Markstrom and said, ‘We're thinking about trading you to New Jersey, what are your thoughts?' He gave them the green light. I don't know if he actually had a piece of paper in front of him or not. But the two sides, I believe, had agreed in principle to a trade, and then above Craig Conroy — so, if you're reading between the lines and picking up what I'm putting down here — Don Maloney, on behalf of ownership, is believed to have nixed this trade.»

The 34-year-old starting goaltender had given the Flames permission to seek out a trade as he felt a trade was imminent to the Devils.
After it failed to materialize, Markstrom's frustrations were shown on live television as he was asked by reporters on how he felt everything went down.
Whether it was due to the return not being enough for Markstrom or the team rather deal with the Devils during the offseason or possibly at the draft to open more options, it all depends.
But for the time being, Markstrom remains a member of the Flames organization with a small possibility of being moved by the deadline.
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Real story emerges behind failed Markstrom - Devils trade

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