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Colby Cohen feels Matthews should be MVP if he reaches 70 goals

Published April 11, 2024 at 3:38 PM

During their latest episode of morning Cuppa Hockey, Host Colby Cohen discussed his theory that Auston Matthews should be the MVP of the league if he reaches 70 goals this season. Co-host Jonny Lazarus weighs in his thoughts and feels there are other players in the league that should be considered over Matthews even if he scores 70 goals.

This season has had in incredible run of points scored between numerous superstars across the league. Currently there are nine players in the league with 100 points or more and there are three players over 130 points this year.

One of those players happens to be Rangers superstar Artemi Panarin who is sitting currently at 116 for 4th overall. The debate on who is the MVP for the league will be raging on for weeks to come even while the playoffs are ongoing as it will be extremely difficult to see who will be chosen.

The notion of Matthews scoring 70 goals certainly should put him at the top of the list for consideration, but the rest of the league should not be overlooked as some of the most incredible hockey has been played this year.

It will be a fascinating choice then will be announced after the playoffs are over. 
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Colby Cohen feels Matthews should be MVP if he reaches 70 goals

Who should be named NHL MVP this season ?

Artemi Panarin6356.3 %
Auston Matthews1715.2 %
Connor McDavid119.8 %
Nathan Mckinnon2118.8 %
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