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Lazarus offers opinion on league view of the Rangers with Bart n Hahn

Published April 11, 2024 at 12:48

Rangers reporter Jonny Lazarus was a guest on ESPN'S Bart and Hahn show and gave a great analysis to what many people think of the Rangers in the NHL and amongst other fanbases.

Host Alan Hahn asked him if the team was being slept on or even good enough for what they've done. Lazarus did not mince words and gave a genuine outlook to what the team is currently.

Lazarus was quick to point out on certain flaws in the Rangers design especially with the lack of five-on-five goals scored. It's clear the Rangers are relying on their power play to get out of games and with the fact the team has had 27 comeback wins this year shows that they are having trouble taking the lead early on and even holding that lead.

Despite their troubles, the team has become resilient and able to win games that seemed unwinnable. As they are still leading the Metro Division and awaiting their first-round opponent, the Rangers have a few games left in the season to workout their issues and closeout the season as the most wins in team in franchise history.

The team will face off against the most important game in Flyers history as their bitter rivals tries to close the gap with three games remaining. The game will be held on April 11th at 7:00pm eastern.
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Lazarus offers opinion on league view of the Rangers with Bart n Hahn

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