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Jonny Lazarus chooses Slafkovsky over Lafreniere

Published April 11, 2024 at 9:36

It's a question that Jonny Lazarus did not want to answer, but the Rangers reporter was asked whether he would choose Montreal Canadiens Jurai Slafkovsky over Rangers breakout star Alexis Lafrenière over the long term. The answer went against his will and his love for the Rangers.

Co-host Colby Cohen of the Morning Cuppa Hockey put Lazarus in a corner when he asked that question. As Lazarus gave his explanation the uncomfortable feeling that he felt became obvious with his body language.

The Montreal Canadiens are hoping that Slafkovsky who was a 1st overall choice is exactly as advertised and with the team in the bottom half of the standings with hardly any talent around, he has managed to score 19 goals and 29 assists for 48 points through 78 games including a hat trick during the Philadelphia Flyers win.

Lafrenière, has been in the league longer and had yet to break out of his ceiling as he too is a first round first overall pick back in 2020. This season has been far better after being paired with Rangers superstar Artemi Panarin which has led 227 goals scored with 29 assists for 56 points through 79 games.

In any case, both players appear to be finding their grooves with their teams and if Slavskovsky manage is to acquire more talent around him he could be far more dangerous in the long term.
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Jonny Lazarus chooses Slafkovsky over Lafreniere

Who is the better 1st overall drafted player?

Jurai Slafkovsky2018.5 %
Alexis Lafreniere8881.5 %
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