New York Rangers
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New York Rangers will bring a better game

Published May 14, 2024 at 10:20

In Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the New York Rangers take another fall to the Carolina Hurricanes. Despite the fact that the Hurricanes took another win, the New York Rangers have been doing great lately in the playoffs and this loss doesn't have to define the future for New York.

USA Today Sports, states in a post that, if you would have said that the New York Rangers would be where they are today in the playoffs a while ago that they would have never believed it and yet here they are. USA Today Sports states that it thinks it's a great place to be, the Rangers just need to be better, show up and take Carolina out with determined focus. It goes onto to say that the Rangers need to be detailed and work for each other while they work on pulling through to round three.

I agree with them here, I think the New York Rangers really need to study the past game to see how they can do better in the next game and to fix mistakes they made or things that need tweaking.

Fans on the other hand are frustrated and starting to lose hope. I will never understand why fans get so negative toward the end and then wonder why their team can't pull through. The entire universe revolves around vibrations. If a person is putting out negative vibrations and the universe can pick up on it, so can your team. Be supportive and be hopeful. Believe that they will win no matter what it looks like in the second so much so that the universe has no choice but to give your team the win focus on the feeling of sweeping Carolina and watch how your outcome changes. If nothing else, it's worth a try. I understand not everyone is pro Law of Attraction, but it could be the magic to helping your team make a comeback.

On another note, Molly Walker posted a quote by the captain of the New York Rangers and Jacob Trouba states that it's obvious the Rangers want to close out the series and that they have played against the Hurricanes in their home and have had great outcomes. Trouba thinks that what they really need to do at this point is simply do better, bring better, focus better, be better. Good luck New York Rangers and may fate be on your side the next time you face the Hurricanes.
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