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Bruins act like babies after refs fail to make the right call

Published May 14, 2024 at 10:13

The Boston Bruins played against the Florida Panthers in round two, Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and they are on the cusp of being Eliminated. During this game, the refs failed to make a call made a call that ended up hurting the team regarding Florida's Sam Bennette. Bennette was already on thin ice with Boston going into this game and it seems he is no better off now than when he started.

In an interview by the press posted by Colby Cohen, the Director General of the Boston Bruins Don Sweeney, is seen answering questions. When the press asks what Sweeney thinks, he states that they are in no position to question the refs or the officials. He says that they are simply following protocol and that whatever decision they make based on how they interpret a certain rule isn't for them to argue. Sweeney goes onto to say that how they play it is based on their truth own alone and that they will accept whatever consequences come with that. Sweeney goes on to say that he doesn't think the head coach should be questioned about what happened in these incidents but asked things about how their team can improve in the overall game. Questions about what calls are made and why should be left to supervisors and directors and officials if the press wants full access. Cohen states that he agrees with Sweeney and that written statements just aren't doing it anymore.

Should the refs really be getting that involved though? Fans seem to think that they should and while most agree with Sweeney, a select few think that refs have no place having to explain why they made a certain call and being transparent in this way because they will at some point take advantage of the attention and it could in turn rig the games. Fans also took note that the Boston Bruins have been whining about this call and that they think they are the biggest crybabies in the league. Ouch. I think in this case, if you can't change it to better your future, it is best left in the past. It sucks and you can be unhappy about it, but not to the point where you're trying to essentially take revenge. Let it go guys, just let it go. Keep moving forward, wrongs will right themselves and if they don't, you still won't benefit from trying to correct the past.
Now is the time the Boston Bruins need to double down and really focus on what lies ahead and how they can become better than what happened in the past. Best of luck in the next game Bruins.
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