Carolina Hurricanes win round two Game 5
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Hurricanes Dominate Rangers in Game 5

Published May 14, 2024 at 10:16

The Carolina Hurricanes have picked up the slack and take dominance in Game 5 of the Stanley cup playoffs against the New York Rangers. Paul Bissonnette discusses the win. Bissonnette states that there is no doubt about the fact that the New York Rangers are an oil machine now but that if there is one team he thinks can make a gnarly come back, it's Carolina.

Bissonnette goes on to say that it looks like the Hurricanes have figured something out. Bissonnette thinks that if Carolina can stay consistent and continue to create and sustain traffic in center ice that they could very well continue to advance, leaving the New York Rangers in the dust. Bissonnette thinks that the Hurricanes will do well if they can capitalize on the power play and continue the five-on-five action. Bissonnette also made it clear that he thought that the New York Rangers have only thrived because of the slow down and penalty trouble in the past.

If there is one thing I know is that both teams are incredible. Do I think the New York Rangers deserve to take the win and advance to round three? Of course! But I also think that right now, Bissonnette isn't wrong about the Hurricanes strengths. The New York Rangers will have to push and give it all they have when it comes to being a bit more aggressive on the ice if they want the win. This next game will certainly determine who wants the Cup more.

On another note, Bissonnette I'd say just isn't my cup of tea so to speak but much respect, his opinion is valid, I can't argue that. What I will say is, I am not giving up on the New York Ranger's we haven't come all this way to just give up. Take the time you need to get your heads right guys and let's come back even more focused than before. I am, as are many other New York Ranger fans rooting for you to pull through. May the best team win in the next game.
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