Rangers mess with Jacob Trouba is having a huge Impact on the teams morale

Joshua Deeds
July 5, 2024  (4:50 PM)

Jacob Trouba
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The 2023-2024 NHL President's Trophy Winners had what you could call, a lackluster free agency. Fans are bemoaning some moves made, while others aren't happy with GM Chris Drury's handling of the Trouba trade.

While the roster is arguably improved, the handling of Trouba's situation could have a huge impact on the team's morale, when they should be working on lifting a Stanley Cup next season.

Of course, Trouba has been in the fan's crosshairs, for his expensive $56 Million dollar contract, and his disappointing playoff performance, make him a natural villain for fans to dislike.
The 30-year-old defenseman bore the brunt of the antagonism from the team's Eastern Conference Final loss.

Trouba's Troubles

After the unceremonious waiver situation dealing with Goodrow, Drury would bypass the forward NTC and waive him after he blocked a trade to San Jose. To which, Mike Grier would later claim him on waiver anyway.
Drury would try to get out of Trouba's $8 M AAV contract, but Trouba would eventually give Drury his 15-team NTC, but later than he request, making the move complex for the team.
Later, Trouba would block a move to Detroit as he wanted to stay in New York and support his partner's own endeavors.
Trouba's wife is a physician and will complete her residency on July 1st, 2025 and a reason why they arrived in New York, not to mention the couple welcomed a kid into the world in January. Trouba's family was centered when he made his decision to stay in New York as a result.
Will the situation improve, or deteriorate as time progresses?
Acrimony from fans could turn out to be aggressive and hateful reactions to Trouba's mistakes on the ice, as fans are fans of the Rangers first and the Crest, not to any player in particular.
«Fans think of things in a different aspect – that's just the nature of sports,» Trouba said in 2019. «It's about winning a championship. It's not about caring about people's lives, really.»

Trouba's naivete has led to a situation that could be detrimental to himself and the team, as he was demoted to a third-pairing defenseman during the playoffs.
Instead, it would've been best if both sides could have found a compromise to solve the issue. But Trouba refused to waive his NTC and could find a way out of the relationship, but they could be stuck with one another for now.
Trouba could still find his game again in 2024-2025 but for now, the reaction has been negative all around to his refusal to leave New York.

Source: The Hockey Writers
Rangers' Trouba Mess Could Have Big Impact on Season
Rangers mess with Jacob Trouba is having a huge Impact on the teams morale

Will Jacob Trouba waive his NTC in 2025?

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