Senators Owner Is Sounding Off At Presser

Alexender Camilo
November 1, 2023  (4:40 PM)

To say the owner of the Ottawa Senators, Michael Andlauer, is upset, would be an understatement.

Not even an hour after the forfeiture of the team's first round pick and the firing of the general manager, Pierre Dorion, he decides to hold a press conference, and call out the league for the handling of the investigations and a bit of hypocrisy on their hands.
The first piece to uncover is the firing of Dorion, and his replacement, which will be Steve Staios, who has been named interim GM.
Andlauer explains the team being neglectful in how they handled the situation. Take a listen:
Andlauer is not happy with how long it has taken the league to resolve the investigation, also purchasing the team and inheriting all these issues happening at once.
"You'll have to ask the NHL why it took a year. Why I inherited this is beyond me? There's no reason to last this long."

Andlauer doesn't stop there. He even calls out a bit of hypocrisy from the NHL for the suspension of Shane Pinto and sports betting.
"You look at a young man who is making millions of dollars and representing the community... but he's 21 years old. Wayne Gretzky goes on MGM and talks about betting. Think about being injured, having time on your hands and a cell phone."

No doubt after this presser, Andlauer will get a call from the NHL and a fine will surely follow, but commend the man for defending his team and the situations surrounding them, as his first year of ownership has had a tumultuous start, and none of it is on him.
Andlauer became majority owner of the Ottawa Senators on September 21, 2023, when his group of investors had signed a purchase agreement to buy the club at a reported price of US$950 million.
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