We Get Concerning News On Injured Player

Alexender Camilo
November 16, 2023  (2:58 PM)

The Rangers have been plagued with injuries since the 2-1 win over the Carolina Hurricanes on November 2nd.

One player injury that is rather puzzling however is Filip Chytil.
Chytil has been placed on injured reserve the day after the win, and was eligible to return on the Sunday match-up against the Columbus Blue Jackets.
But he never returned, and has not been seen on the ice in any practice session.
We get a little insight from the latest podcast episode of "New Ice City" from host and Rangers reporter, Vince Z. Mercogliano, explaining the status and concern of Chytil.
"Chytil does not seem to be any closer to returning to the ice. He was eligible to come off IR and play on Sunday. He did not. As of Wednesday, [he's] still yet to take the ice since sustaining his [concussion]. You have to be concerned [with] the history of concussions here. One source [told] me that Chytil has had at least four concussions in his career, if not more. The more concussions you have, the more likely you are to sustain another. This goes beyond hockey. This is a life concern. This time, it seem like it's been really difficult for him to get back to the point where he's comfortable getting back on the ice. It's just not a good situation, even beyond the hockey stuff. I don't think anybody knows when the next time we're going to see him is. [Chytil's] health has to be the #1 priority here. This is something to monitor and everybody should be concerned about right now."

You can also listen to the rest of the podcast, I'll link it below. It's a fantastic podcast from an awesome reporter!
A lot to unpack, but the basic premise being the health concern of Chytil, and the fact he's repeatedly had several concussions.
His health has been severely compromised and that does take priority over everything else.
It looks like his return to the ice will not be happening anytime soon.
All we can hope is a speedy recovery and a return to good health for the young man.
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