Things take an unexpected turn regarding Jacob Trouba's trade to the Red Wings

Joshua Deeds
June 30, 2024  (5:43 PM)

Jacob Trouba
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The New York Rangers and Detroit Red Wings appeared to have solidified a trade involving Rangers Captain Jacob Trouba.

But after Saturday the momentum has slowed down apparently between all three camps.
However, Elliotte Friedman provided an update which is troubling for the New York Rangers:
«I'm going to admit this: I'm not sure what is going on here,» Friedman said. «I have people saying to me it was very real. The Rangers were trying to push it along and they thought if they could work out something with Detroit Trouba would be willing to go there.

«Then I had some people tell me on Saturday that it's not close, ‘You guys are getting way ahead of yourselves and this is far, far more of a challenge than you think it's going to be.'»

The news regarding the trade have no information regarding assets and players involved in the trade. Larry Brooks of the NY Post would relay that GM Chris Drury was working on a deal to send the Rangers Captain to Detroit.
Friedman would bring-up the trade of the Blueliner between the Jets and the Rangers to compare to Trouba's current situation:
«The one thing I am reasonably certain of is that this whole situation that's developed over the last week or two has been hard on Trouba. If you go back to when he left Winnipeg, both the Jets and the player were ready for a divorce. It was time for both to move on, and they did.

«In this particular case, the Rangers may have decided, for cap reasons, that they have to do this, but that doesn't mean that Trouba is ready for this.»

According to PuckPedia, they project the Rangers to have $13.6 Million in cap space, by July 1st and with moving Trouba could save an additional $8 Million AAV.
But the Rangers may have to retain $2.5 Million more in order to trade the contract.
On July 1st, Trouba's camp will have to submit a 15-team no trade list, which could make the move simpler.
According to The Post, Michigan would be an acceptable move for the Captain, making the trade a reality. but Friedman would contradict this:
«What one other agent told me was, when Trouba submits his (no-trade) list, will he make it strategic?» Friedman reported. «Will he make it strategic so that places the Rangers might actually be able to trade him to would be blocked?

«There's a lot here and one of the things Trouba has struggled with is the idea that the Rangers might want to move on from him.»

If the Rangers can move Trouba without retention, they can in total have $21.1 million in cap space to work with.
«As the expected Jacob Trouba trade to Detroit remains on hold, it would be kind of ironic if sending (Trouba) to the Red Wings would have an influence on Patrick Kane,» Brooks wrote on June 29. «The Post has learned that Kane was still in talks Saturday with Detroit GM Steve Yzerman regarding an extension.»

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Rangers & Red Wings Jacob Trouba Trade Gets Concerning Update
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Things take an unexpected turn regarding Jacob Trouba's trade to the Red Wings

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