Rangers' practices benefit them in the playoffs

Sara Amaya
May 7, 2024  (9:27)

New York Rangers determined to advance in game vs Carolina Hurricanes in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Photo credit: Pinterest.com

The New York Rangers have a great coach who knows what he's doing and their ability to follow through for fans has been incredible this season. In an interview, Jonny Lazarus gives Brandon London more reasons why the New York Rangers have thrived in the playoffs stating that competitive practices are the reason why the Rangers have been able to advance.

Lazarus goes on to state that The New York Rangers love competing and compared to past practices where things were a little different, the Rangers have cultivated through some of the qualities coach Peter Laviolette has instilled in them including a shifted culture. Lazarus states that Laviolette knows how to enhance his team by making sure it gets the practice they need to be good all season long, not just when it is time for the playoffs. The team has been practicing together and having players who haven't been in the lineup or on the bench face off against their teammates who are in the lineup in an attempt to raise the intensity of the game on and off the ice and that is a great way of supporting each other and having one mindset when it comes to the playoffs. Lazarus gives the coach credit for how well the team is doing so far, as he should.
I agree with Lazarus when he states that the Rangers have one goal in mind and that is winning the Stanley Cup. Slowly but surely, they are climbing that ladder, and it will be interesting to see where they end up in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Regardless, they should be proud of how far they have come. The next few games will be fun to watch as we continue to see the growth the team has made. Let's Go Rangers!
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