Game 7 Lingers as Morgan Rielly reflects on tough loss against Boston

Sara Amaya
May 6, 2024  (8:59 PM)

Toronto Maple Leafs versus the Boston Bruins Game 7 Stanley Cup playoffs
Photo credit: Toronto.CTVNews /AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

After losing Game 7 against the Boston Bruins, Morgan Rielly stated in an interview, that game seven still lingered and that he was replaying it in his mind a lot lately. When interviewers asked him why he was having a difficult time letting go, Rielly stated that he felt the game was more challenging this time around and that several things played a factor in that such as overtime and age. Rielly stated that the level of difficulty for games continues to get more and more difficult making it harder to advance.

When Rielly was asked how he felt, he also stated it was difficult to describe the feeling. Game 7 was obviously a tough loss, but it definitely leaves room for improvement. The Toronto Maples Leafs along with other teams that didn't even make it to the playoffs have an opportunity to learn from mistakes and take notes on things they can do next time around to ensure a better outcome when it comes to advancing in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. If reflecting means a better season next year, then it could be worth it to try to relive the game to improve in the future.
Fans agree that the Maple Leafs did not have the best season and they think it comes as no surprise that the Leafs lost. Fans also think this should be Morgan Rielly's last year on the team and that he should be traded. Other fans thought Rielly looked like he had PTSD from the loss and from the video it was obvious that Rielly was disappointed.
Moving forward, there is always time to think on ways to get better prepared for the next season. I hope the Leafs can recharge, rest and keep moving forward. See you next season Toronto.
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