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Rangers looking at high-priced forward

Published March 1, 2024 at 7:55 PM

There is a point in any NHL franchise where the organization feels they have enough to go for it and try to win a Stanley Cup that year. Some teams do it through building through the draft and making trades while others do a rebuild and slowly build up over time.

The Rangers, seems to be in that position of deciding to go for it. With the trade deadline less than 8 days away and several pieces still on the table, general manager Chris Drury should make every attempt to try to win at all.

It was revealed recently that rival general manager Kyle Dubas of the Pittsburgh Penguins had announced what he is looking for in the sale of Jake Guentzel. Costing two first round picks or a first round and a prospect package is quite the price to pay for a player who may not sign with the team next year.

I would expect it's in Drury's best interest to contact Dubas to find out if there's a possibility something could be done good the Penguins are out of the playoff picture now and don't appear to be making it which means several players will be up for sale.

So I pose the question to you. Would you be willing to part with either two first round picks or a first round pick end a prospect package for a player like Jake Guentzel if a contract extension was in the works?

Only time will tell.
March 1   |   788 answers
Rangers looking at high-priced forward

Would you trade two firsts or a first and a prospect pack to the Pens for Jake Guentzel with a contract extension possible?

Yes26133.1 %
No52766.9 %
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