NY Rangers get called out for scamming their fans after new info leaks

Ryan Hall
May 24, 2024  (6:47)

New York Rangers fans
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The New York Rangers get called out for scamming their fans after new info leaks.

The New York Rangers are one of the wealthiest teams in the NHL and with the Rangers now in the Eastern Conference final, the team has set a record for ticket costs at a staggering $2100 per seat.
According to ticketIQ, it appears the average price for a ticket for the Eastern Conference final at Madison Square gardens is going for $2162. That's a significant boost in cost as in 2022 the average seat came in at $1679.
This is a common practice by most NHL teams that are in the playoffs and especially if they go this far. What's even more frightening is that prices will continue to rise as the series goes along especially if the Rangers and the Panthers go to seven games.
It was mentioned that the possible cost for a game seven seat in the Eastern Conference finals will be just short of $3000. Currently, inflation, cost of living and other economic conditions gives people pause when making decisions on what they will spend their money on this will certainly weigh in on what they can buy and afford.
Other teams like the Dallas Stars, the Edmonton Oilers and the Panthers will certainly be raising their prices on their tickets as these series continue. The NHL players are not paid during the playoffs as all of their salary is accounted for in the regular season.
This is where the NHL owners will make their money is through playoff revenue, TV rights and revenue from the arena including food, parking or anything that's associated with the organization.
Game 2 will be held on May 24th and game time will be at 8:00 PM eastern.
Source: Forbes.com - New York Rangers Set NHL Eastern Conference Finals Record With $2,100 Tickets
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NY Rangers get called out for scamming their fans after new info leaks

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