New York Rangers left with crucial decision ahead of game two

May 24, 2024  (5:58 PM)

Matt Rempe in the Rangers 3rd
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The New York Rangers were stifled by the Florida Panthers during Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Licking their wounds after the Panthers tore through what seemed to be an impenetrable wall of offense, the Rangers need to look elsewhere for a spark.

Matt Rempe

Will that be the infamous Matt Rempe?
Rempe, took the league by storm as he fought almost everyone in the NHL and established himself as an intimidating factor for the Rangers.
He has only played 7 in of all 11 playoff games for the Rangers, with a dismal 6:18 TOI during his usage.
Could he be the answer? If he is the answer, it looks like Kaapo Kakko may be the odd man out, as in the playoffs you need space to create offense.
This move could be considered a lack of faith in Kakko, who was once thought to be a future puzzle piece to the Ranger's future success.
Considering Kakko has the highest chances analytically with an xg% of 59.88, should Rempe be placed on another line? The 4th line seems a better option for the enforcer. Instead of placing doubt in Kakko who is doing his best to generate offense.
This seems like Laviolette may have the right idea, but the wrong solution, placing Rempe on the 3rd line.

Game 1

The Rangers in game 1, lacked any kind of cohesive offensive pressure until later in the game, when in the 3rd period they had some of their best looks all night.
With Rempe on ice, the hope is that the Rangers could find that spark, to find their own ferocity again and put a leash on the beast from Sunrise.
If Rempe does make it into the lineup, does Laviolette really not care about outside forces voicing their opinion or is it just hubris that caused him to give in?
"It does not," he said with a hint of a smile when asked if those opinions have any influence on his thought process. "Any decision that I make is based on the conversations that we have as a group internally."
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New York Rangers left with crucial decision ahead of game two

Should Matt Rempe be on the 3rd or 4th line?

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