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Lazarus feels Eastern Conference playoff race juiciest in years

Published April 13, 2024 at 2:56

The final two weeks of this NHL season has been one of the most intriguing in recent memory has five NHL teams in the Eastern Conference battle for two playoff spots. Rangers reporter Jonny Lazarus explains his thoughts on each of those teams and who will take the final two spots when the season ends.

This long slog of games has been entertaining and disappointing for many fans as these teams do not seem to have the ability to closeout and put separation between one another in the final two weeks.

The Islanders, Penguins, capitals, Red Wings and Flyers are all separated by only a few points. The Islanders are the most aggressive team thus far and have won their last six games in a row and currently have 89 points through 79 games which puts them in the third overall spot in the metropolitan division.

The remaining 4, are separated by one point with three of them at 79 games each and the Flyers at 80 games played. The Flyers are the team looking outside in as they have one last game and would need three teams to lose to leapfrog into the final spot.

It's going to be a fascinating finish and it will take all the way to game 82 to know who the Rangers first round opponent will be.

The Rangers themselves are also in an interesting position as they have the Carolina Hurricanes only one point behind them for first in the metro. The Hurricanes have won their last four games while the Rangers have lost their last two so there's a possibility that this could change as well.

Only time will tell on how this will finish but it's going to be an entertaining finale, a great way to enter the Stanley Cup playoffs.
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Lazarus feels Eastern Conference playoff race juiciest in years

Who will make the playoffs at the end of the season?

Red Wings2328 %
Capitals2935.4 %
Penguins2328 %
Flyers78.5 %
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