New York Rangers
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Laviolette Making Questionable Decision With Lineup Changes

Published March 23, 2024 at 12:05

The Rangers are gearing up for their upcoming matchup against the Florida Panthers with morning practice. An interesting decision has been made however, Will Cuylle will be a healthy scratch tonight.

Head coach Peter Laviolette has mentioned keeping guys fresh in the lineup during this tough stretch of games to cap off the season, and that there is nothing physically wrong with Cuylle.

"We got a dozen games left. I hope we were remain healthy. If we do remain healthy, I'm going to have to make those decisions. I'd just rather see everybody ready to play in the playoffs."

It seems like Laviolette probably is going to rotate Cuylle, Matt Rempe, and Jonny Brodzinski, and maybe forwards who are banged up, the rest of the way.
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