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Jeff Marek explains line brawl effect to Rangers Devils rivalry

Published April 5, 2024 at 4:52 PM

The much talked about line brawl that happened between the Rangers and Devils last night continued on the Jeff Marek show when he had his 32 Thoughts podcast co-host Elliotte Friedman discussing the fight and what it did for the rivalry of both teams.

Both teams have had bad blood since the adoption of the Devils after moving from Colorado as they were known as the Rockies back in 1982. There have been many fights and countless storylines that have surrounded both teams but had recently quieted since the 2012-line brawl that happened

Both the 2012 and the 2024 line brawls had an eerily similar look as numerous players were ejected from the game and both former Rangers head coach John Tortorella was screaming at Devils head coach Pete deBoer.

Fighting in general has diminished across the league as many people within the organisations and the players feel that this new generation of player does not have as much interest in fighting each other and rather score on one another with high offence.

Marek is right and it certainly feels that the devils and the Rangers have renewed their hostilities, and with the Devils looking for answers and trying to get back into the playoffs while the Rangers look to dominate, it's safe to say the next game will be even better as fans will look for a response.
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Jeff Marek explains line brawl effect to Rangers Devils rivalry

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