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Rangers Johnny Lazarus clarifies his tweet that angered Devils fans

Published April 5, 2024 at 10:50

During the Blue Crew Podcast, Rangers host Johnny Lazarus clarified his tweet stating that last night's game against the devils was the best the Rangers and played all season. As stated, the tweet was lost in translation, and he gave a breakdown to his show on what he truly meant.

It was mentioned early on that his tweet angered many Devils fans as Johnny stated in writing that it was the best game played by the Rangers this season against a bad Devils team. With Matt Rempe answering the call and fighting Curtis MacDermid, the whole line broke out into a brawl to which four players on each side were kicked out of the game.

By the end of the game, there were 166 penalty minutes given out between the two teams and even the coaches were having a shouting match as the pressure and anger continued to rise.

The Rangers second period was terrible but in the end this game did not really matter as the Rangers have solidified their playoff hopes and are now looking to remain as the top team in the Metro Division.

Devils fans have plenty to be angry about as this team was pegged to take the next step in their game and become a perennial playoff contender. Perhaps, the fan base should turn its anger towards management who failed on several fronts to address the needs including a proper starting goaltender.

If that change was made sooner, it's likely the conversation would be different, than they would be in the playoffs.
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Rangers Johnny Lazarus clarifies his tweet that angered Devils fans

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