Jacob Trouba Takes Accountability Like A True Captain

Alexender Camilo
November 27, 2023  (1:31 PM)

Rangers captain Jacob Trouba has been tangled with controversy with the high-sticking incident with Trent Fredric during the 7-4 win over the Boston Bruins.

Here is the full video of the incident:
Trouba has already been fined $5000 from the NHL Department Of Player Safety.
But he decided to address the incident himself. Vince Z. Mercogliano gives us the full details at the MSG Training Center.
"The play obviously can't happen. It was 100% accidental. At the time, I was shocked it happened. I immediately said, I apologize. I didn't have any intention of doing that.' I felt like my hand was pushed and I was kind of off balance, so I apologized right away. That was kind of the end of it then. Then after the game, I saw a video of it, and it doesn't look good. It's not an excusable thing."

Trouba also knows his style of play is not popular with the opposing fanbases, but has no desire to change his game.
"I don't pay that much attention to it. I stay off social media as much as I can. It's just kind of how I play the game. That play was dirty. It can't happen, but the hitting and stuff, that's just how I play the game. I don't think those are dirty. I don't mind what people think of me. I don't put too much thought into what people think of me that don't really know me, to be honest with you. It is what it is."

A perfect response from a true captain. Hopefully this ends the controversy and we can move on. Trouba is set to play tonight against the Buffalo Sabres.
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