Chicago Blackhawks
Photo credit: The Hockey News/ USA Today Network, Jamie Sabau

Blackhawks Conner Bedard shoots a Stunning goal

Published May 13, 2024 at 7:50

The Chicago Blackhawks player Conner Bedard is currently competing for Canada in the World Championships and has netted a tournament-high four goals in two games already. He left fans speechless during his last goal as it flew into the net amidst all the commotion happening on center ice.

Unfortunately, Bedard's goal was not counted by the refs which is upsetting since it was a clear shot that went straight into the net despite all the distractions. Fans agree that Bedard is fantastic to watch on the ice and that the refs were wrong here. Fans think the shot should have counted as a goal.

TSN sports thinks that very few players can pull off a shot like this and that Bedard is a very talented player. While I agree with TSN sports here, it is also clear that Bedard is on the wrong team. Contrary to popular belief, one player is not all it takes to advance in a season or to advance in the Stanley Cup playoffs. I think that if Bedard was really all that, the Blackhawks would still be in the playoffs right now and the fact that they aren't says a lot both about Bedard and the Blackhawks. I think the Blackhawks need to step up their game and get to a level where the whole team is on the same page, like the New York Rangers. I think then they may have a better shot at the Stanley Cup. I think Bedard is great, but I don't think he lives up to the hype. I am personally glad the Anaheim Ducks didn't get him, and I wish him the very best in Chicago.

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