John Tortorella launches vicious review on Flyers performance

Ryan Hall
April 2, 2024  (5:30 PM)

Flyers head coach John Tortorella
Photo credit: Yahoo Sports

After the Flyers 4-3 loss in overtime versus the New York Islanders, Flyers head coach John Tortorella gave a vicious review about his team's performance along with several players particularly during the second period.

Tortorella, stood at his podium and took questions from the media after the game and the ire in his face can be seen on how poorly his team played.
He used the words «soft» or «players that don't have a clue» on how to handle games when they're critical as the team continues to hold onto its playoff spot.
The media also asked him about the decision of putting in his new rookie goaltender Ivan Fedotov who was recently flown over from Moscow after his contract was terminated with the KHL.
Tortorella praised his work ethic and his game tonight as the only player that played on his team considering the position he was put in as a cold goaltender.
Tortorella, has made it clear to the Flyers fan base and management just prior to the trade deadline that they should not fall in love with the players they have as they're still in a rebuilding phase and that the players on the current roster needs to be evaluated on whether they can handle and play at a very high level. While some have succeeded, others have not and it's beginning to show as the season is now on the line.
«And in that meeting, I said ‘You just can't fall in love',» Tortorella concluded. «You can't because if you do, it's going to set you back. We've got to look at the organizational view of how to do this. You'll be friends with that player if you like him that much. You'll be friends and you're gonna care about him the rest of your life, but there has to be– there's going to be some tough decisions coming along here. So, we gotta be really careful to not let our emotions get in the way of making the proper decision for the team.»

It's never adult day with Tortorella and it's certainly not a dull day with the Flyers as they are currently precariously losing their playoff spot they have held for almost all of this season.
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John Tortorella launches vicious review on Flyers performance

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