Finalists for the Jack Adams Award Selected

Sara Amaya
May 3, 2024  (7:57 PM)

Jack Adams Award Finalists
Photo credit: X.com

The 2024 Jack Adams Award finalists have been selected by the Members of the NHL Broadcasters' Association with most of the votes landing on Rick Bowness head coach of the Winnipeg Jets, Andrew Brunette head coach of the Nashville Predators and Rick Tocchet head coach of the Vancouver Canucks.

The facts about Rick Bowness, head coach of the Winnipeg Jets, are obvious and you can see his overall standings in the NHL are great as well as his overall season points as they exceed other teams points. As for Andrew Brunette, head coach of the Nashville Predators, he is a first-time coach for the team and while he has helped the team outscore opponents and has the most goals per game, both Bowness and Brunette have prior experience in the NHL and I think that is what sets Rick Tocchet from the Vancouver Canucks apart.
Rick Tocchet, is a first full season coach and I think there is something to say about someone who can come in their first full season and start making changes that affect the team in positive ways. Tocchet has taken a team that was struggling to make wins last year and helped transform them into a team that is now thriving both in the NHL playoffs and in the regular season.
The Vancouver Canucks have come such a long way and will continue to excel and advance for as long as they can in the Stanley Cup playoffs. No matter what the outcome, they have something to celebrate this year with their growth and with their incredible coach. That being said my vote is also for Tocchet. We shall find out who takes the Jack Adams award on May 4th and may the force be strong with Tocchet.
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