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BizNasty doesn't view Bruins as a threat in the playoffs

Published April 1, 2024 at 3:38 PM

As the NHL season continues to wind down with less than 10 games to play for most NHL clubs, early predictions and discussions have begun across the web on who is considered a threat for the Stanley Cup and who is not. This discussion began on the Spittin Chiclets latest episode when the question was posed to BizNasty.

As Biz began to rhyme off his reasons why the Bruins are not a threat, fellow host Ryan Whitney assumed Biz was discussing the strengths of the Toronto Maple Leafs as they are likely the team to face off against the Bruins in the first round.

Biz look dumbfounded as he was discussing the Bruins strengths in which Whitney apologized and let him continue his reasoning. The main reason Biz feels the Bruins are not a threat is due to their goaltending As it was mismanaged last year and could be this year.

Even though the Bruins have beaten the Leafs all year, playoffs are a different set of games and looking the two teams on paper, both feel very even as each has a strength to the other's weakness.

With Ilya Samsonov heating up and the Maple Leafs appearing to focus more on defensive details with an improved penalty kill as of late, this gives their team a better chance in the first round.

Of course, Maple Leafs fans know that they have playoff demons with the Bruins that they clearly can't shake and leaves some fans uneasy to meeting the Bruins in the first round. But you must play someone.
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BizNasty doesn't view Bruins as a threat in the playoffs

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