Vegas Knights Captain looks back on disappointing loss in game seven

Sara Amaya
May 7, 2024  (5:48 PM)

Dallas Stars versus Vegas Golden Knights
Photo credit: NJ.com

The Vegas Golden knights fell to the Dallas stars during game seven of the Stanley Cup playoffs and captain of the Vegas Golden knights, Mark Stone comments during an interview on the aftermath of the game.

Mark Stone reveals that being the eight seed and trying to beat all of the top teams was very challenging and stated that if they would have put themselves in a better spot in the regular season and been top seed, it would have been very different outcome. The captain goes on to say that despite trying to stay as healthy as possible that the team did suffer a lot of injuries and that he was proud of the team and how hard they fought during the adversity, but that it didn't stop him from feeling disappointed about the loss.
Fans took Stone's words and interpreted them a lot differently stating that if the captain had not cheated the system by staying in LTIR and having the team use his space on the ice, the results of how far they advanced in the playoffs would have been different. Other fans seemed to agree with Mark Stone stating that it is never easy coming in eight seed. I think Vegas is one of those teams that doesn't let the negative affect how they play, they play to win every time and I think that was obvious in all the games they played this season .
Nevertheless, Vegas delivered a great game against the Stars and they continue to prove year after year that they do in fact deserve a spot in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Better luck next time Vegas and congratulations on advancing Stars.
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