Viral Tweet Of Podcaster Calling Trouba Sexist For Not Repsonding

Alexender Camilo
November 15, 2023  (5:46 PM)

There has been a tweet going viral about Jacob Trouba, apparently being "sexist", for refusing to accept an interview of a podcaster after he was interviewed by two males a couple days ago.

The tweet originally started by a user named Stephanie Dolce, who appears to be a Rangers fan, as shown with her wearing a Rangers jersey in her photo. Her comments are interesting to say the least.
"@JacobTrouba has NO PROBLEM sitting down with GUYS but I asked him Multiple times to sit down with me-PLUS I offered to buy him coffee/lunch to show appreciation and he ignores me. I may not be with #hockeynews or #sportsnet that doesn't make me LESS important nor does it make me less qualified either. But it does show you that hockey players are sexist because if a guy BUILT his own company and podcast from NOTHING Jacob would have been on that one as I have seen dudes go on those podcasts."

She even follows it up with sending the New York Rangers PR X page a tweet, asking a favor.
"Hey @NYR_PR do me a favor when the #NYR   celebrate #WomenEmpowerment please keep @JacobTrouba away from that day-
He obviously has no clue what it is and truly doesn't supports it as stated above
K, thanks .. bye"

Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman were the ones to interview Trouba, and spoke on a variety of topics, such as the development of K'Andre Miller, and the performance of Alexis Lafrenière.
It's an insightful interview, I spoke about it in an article yesterday, you can read about it by clicking here and I'll add the full interview for you to watch.
Her comments are getting some substantial backlash, and she removed comments on the original tweet.
This is just a small group I collected to showcase here. The last user is right in the end.
Any media requests have to go through the New York Rangers PR and be approved.
Only time it's approved if you are a credentialed media member, regardless of gender.
This is a very bad look on whoever this person is for spreading false information on a player for simply not responding on social media for an interview.
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