Lazarus Discusses Laviolette Being The Key Reason For Rangers Success

Sara Amaya
May 9, 2024  (9:56)

New York Rangers win Game 2 in round two of the Stanley Cup Playoffs
Photo credit: AP photo/Bill Kostroun

The New York Rangers continue to succeed despite all the challenges they have been facing in their games during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Jonny Lazarus interviews Pierre McGuire to talk about what has made the Rangers such a successful team. Lazarus thinks that Peter Laviollete and his staff have certainly had a lot to do with it.

McGuire certainly seems to agree by stating that the Rangers Coach Laviolette has learned to adapt to his team as well by embracing the changes that have come in every era of his coaching career. McGuire goes on to say that Laviolette has also been smart in who he surrounds himself with and that he has certainly chosen some of the smartest hockey people. McGuire also goes on to say that experience also has a lot to do with great coaching and that you learn as you go how to fine tune things. McGuire also said that while many coaches are thrown into the game without anyone to look to for help or support, the complete opposite has been true for Laviolette, and he has certainly found mentors and support from people he trusts.

I think that Laviolette has also been smart with not giving away too many details during interviews and knows how to let his actions do more of the talking. In games whatever plan unfolds on the ice with his players, speaks volumes of him and his team with whoever is watching. Players and coaches alike are on the same page and it is obvious that they have a united mindset.
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