Rangers Reporter Believes The Rangers Are Still Disrespected

Sara Amaya
May 9, 2024  (4:11 PM)

New York Rangers win last game in the Stanley Cup Playoffs
Photo credit: New York Post / Charles Wenzelberg

The New York Rangers have gotten a huge amount of disrespect this season and Molly Walker has taken note. Molly states that the disrespect has carried on into the playoffs and that it is insane because of how well they have been doing in the regular season and in the playoffs.

Molly Walker goes onto say that the New York Rangers, have won the presidents trophy and that they continue to make mind blowing moves coach and players alike and the fact that they have beat the Carolina Hurricanes now twice in a row is incredible. Walker continues by acknowledging the fact that both teams are great teams and that no one is an underdog like people have been trying to say of the New York Rangers. Walker thinks that credit should be given where it is due and that the games do not indicate in any way that the Rangers are underdogs.

Walker also states that the Rangers not being qualified for more awards this season is disrespectful of how far the team has come. Fans seem to agree and state that Molly Walker is an objective Journalist.

I think that so far Walker is correct the New York Rangers do need more credit and respect from their fan base and other people. You don't have to like the team, but you can recognize the growth the team has had recently and acknowledge that they are doing well in the playoffs. That being said there are more than one team this season that deserve recognition and the Stanley Cup so first to the finish and Good Luck New York Rangers.
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