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Rangers podcasters give hilarious take on shootout rule change

Published March 22, 2024 at 12:11

With the general managers meetings wrapped up in southeastern Florida, numerous rule changes and proposals have been released to the media and to the world on what the NHL may have in store for next season.

While most of the proposed rule changes are uneventful and kind of boring, many fans including Rangers podcasters Johnny Lazarus and his cohosts took to the airwaves and explained a possible rule change they would do in terms of the shootout.

As hilarious as this idea is and it would certainly create a more fun atmosphere with the shootout, it certainly sounds too complicated for the NHL to even consider.

One way to bring this to light would be to implement this during the All-Star game as it's in a fun atmosphere where players and the league can try different ways to entertain people and this way of the shootout would certainly
be entertaining.

All these proposed rule changes that they have mentioned will need to go to a vote at the next NHL board of directors meeting to be approved.
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Rangers podcasters give hilarious take on shootout rule change

How would you change overtime if in charge of the NHL?

20 mins of 3 on 31814.5 %
10 mins of 3 on 34032.3 %
Do nothing diffrent2923.4 %
Abolish the shootout and accept a tie3729.8 %
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