May Be Early, But Jonathan Quick Is Looking Like A Solid Back-Up

Alexender Camilo
October 23, 2023  (9:23 PM)

Jonathan Quick is one of the greatest goaltenders of all time, when he was in his prime.

Quick is a three-time Stanley Cup champion, having won with the Kings in 2012 and 2014, with his 2012 Conn Smythe Trophy winning run has been described as the best statistical playoff run ever for a goaltender.
Interestingly, he never won a Vezina Trophy, as he is two-time Vezina Trophy nominee.
It's safe to say his best days are long behind him. He's 37, playing in his 18th season, and his last two seasons prior to joining the Rangers' showed his best days are long behind him.
However, in his first full game of the season, he's played very well. So well, that someone, hopefully jokingly, said there should be discussions of Quick being the starter for the Rangers' moving forward.
The stats do show he is playing very well. But it was one game, well, one full game and nearly half of another game where Peter Laviolette had to pull Igor Shesterkin after the team faced a 4-0 deficit against the Nashville Predators.
That game, Quick swatted all nine shots he faced, and held the Predators scoreless for the remainder of the game.
He then followed that performance with his first full start, and he was very impressive.
With the New NHL edge feature on the NHL website, it shows how Quick has performed so far.
Let's hope some level of this performance is sustainable throughout the rest of the season, as it will greatly take a load off Shesterkin's shoulders and keep him refreshed for hopefully a deep playoff run.
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