History repeats itself with 5 straight wins for the New York Rangers

Sara Amaya
May 6, 2024  (9:10)

New York Rangers celebrating a win
Photo credit: The Hockey News/USA Today sports

History repeats itself for the New York Rangers as they win five games in row in the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs. This isn't a coincidence, as the last time this happened, the New York Rangers took the Stanley Cup. Could this mean that the New York Rangers are on their way to winning the Stanley Cup again? One thing is for sure, the team has come a long way since its previous years, and it is no doubt that they haven't let their fans down this season both in regular season games and in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The New York Rangers are on a roll, and it seems they'll stop at nothing to see how far they can advance in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Fans seem to think that the Rangers have what it takes to go the distance this season and so far, so good. The New York Rangers continue to make improvements and progress closer to being one of the best and oldest teams in the NHL.
The New York Rangers coach, Peter Laviolette, gives consistent credit for the win against the Carolina Hurricanes whereas the New York Rangers goalie gives credit to his team's defensemen stating that they do most of the work out on the ice. It also seems as though the New York Rangers are counting on their penalty kills and that hasn't failed them yet. The New York Rangers also have a pretty great goalie who blocked 22 shots on goal last game and that also made a difference in their victorious outcome.

The New York Rangers coach has seemingly built a team that is all about teamwork and that has also helped the team thrive in the Stanley Cup playoffs. I think win or lose in the playoffs, the New York Rangers have a lot to be proud of and celebrate this season.
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