Boston Bruins vs Toronto Maple Leafs Sparks controversy

Sara Amaya
May 6, 2024  (9:05)

Boston Bruins
Photo credit: The Hockey News

The Boston Bruins won their last game against The Toronto Maple Leafs and one of the players from the Florida Panthers stated in an interview that it was no surprise that Boston had taken the win with the way their series was going. Another person on social media exaggerated his statement by saying that, no one in the NHL had an ounce of respect for the Maple Leafs. Yikes, I don't know if there is any evidence to back that statement but what I do know is the Toronto Maple Leafs' fan base certainly can't agree with that statement and I certainly don't either.

The Toronto Maple Leafs may not have had the greatest season, but that doesn't mean they haven't made progress, or they wouldn't have been in the Stanley Cup playoffs to begin with. The last game could have been anyone's win, it was simply a matter of who wanted the cup most and who believed they could in fact obtain it and in this case it's clear the Boston Bruins did.
One fan stated that it was insane how much disregard the Toronto Maple Leafs had to deal with and that despite all the negativity that it was clear who the better team was because the Maple Leafs have never been the type of team to get on that kind of level. They have chosen to rise above it and that speaks volumes for itself.
Another fan commented back to this person and stated that no one could respect the Toronto Maple Leafs because they didn't have respect for the NHL either so why would they expect it in return? Someone else said that the Toronto Maple Leafs were losers from the get-go as well and that they would remain that way.
I think it says a lot about how you treat people when you're winning and when you're losing. Both tell a lot about a person's character and while the original interview is not as intense as some of the comments, I think the player's word choices could have been different. Sometimes you're on a losing streak -
it happens - but the simple fact that the Toronto Maple Leafs were in the Stanley Cup Playoffs at all says a lot about what kind of team they are. If you ask me, the Toronto Maple Leafs are doing something right, haters or not.
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