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History Does Not Favor The Bruins In This Crushing Stat

Published May 13, 2024 at 4:02 PM

The Boston Bruins are looking to change history as they have gone 0-25 an NHL playoff series where they are down 3-1 in games. The Bruins are in tough as they're facing elimination against the overpowering Florida Panthers who have taken control of this series with their physicality and goal scoring.

One of the main issues in this series is the Panthers ability to limit the number of shots that the Bruins can take. Through two games, the Bruins have gone long stretches where they haven't registered a shot on goal and has given Florida's goaltender Sergei bobrovsky lighter workloads throughout the series.

Panthers in full control of series

As the Panthers continued to develop as a team and Panthers head coach Paul Maurice along with general manager and now president Bill Zito continuing to preach playoff hockey, it seems the Panthers are getting stronger and have a good chance of getting to the Stanley Cup final For their second year in a row.

All fans will see if the Bruins can find a way to get back into this series as the series switches back to southern Florida where the next game will take place on May 15th and game time will be 7:00 PM eastern.
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History Does Not Favor The Bruins In This Crushing Stat

Can the Bruins overcome a 3-1 deficit in this series?

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