New York Rangers GM Chris Drury reveals massive changes are underway

Hunter Bowman
June 8, 2024  (10:06 PM)

Rnagers GM Chris Drury
Photo credit: New York Post

As the New York Rangers faced a Cup or bust year season they ultimately fell short of reaching their ultimate goal by being eliminated in the Eastern Conference Finals.

The loss was definitely tough on every member of Rangers organization. However, It was especially disappointing for Rangers general manager Chris Drury.
Regardless of the disappointing end result, Drury is extremely proud of what the Rangers were able to accomplish this year.
"There's been enough time," Drury said "It's something we're always constantly looking at and thinking about. We had a 55-win regular season. We were fortunate enough to make it to the conference final. Certainly, it was a disappointing end to the season, but definitely still lots of positives to take away."

Following the New York Rangers defeat against the Florida Panthers in the Eastern Conference Final, questions started to surfaces as to whether or not the team was even constructed properly to win a Stanley Cup.
Drury understands that some necessary changes are to be made to people the Rangers to the level.
«We're looking at a lot of different things,» Drury said. «And there's different ways to get to where we want to go. To me, really, nothing's off the table. We're trying to be better. We're trying, as I said, to reach the ultimate goal here. In the middle of that process now and trying to figure out what's next and what can we do to be better.»

Regardless of everything Drury still strongly believes that the Rangers have a strong core and it's all about building around them to be successful.
«I do believe in our players individually,» Drury said. «We have a lot of really good players here. A lot of players had great seasons, a number of them have been very good Rangers for a long time.»

Drury then continued:
«Now is the part of the job to figure out if this group collectively can get us to where we want to be. The process is already underway and will continue throughout the offseason. As I often say, we're constantly trying to figure out how we can be better and push forward to reach our ultimate goal.»

Hopefully the right changes are made this offseason and the Rangers can bounce back and achieve their overall goal of winning the Stanley Cup.
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New York Rangers GM Chris Drury reveals massive changes are underway

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