Colton Orr as a Ranger
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Former Ranger tells hilarious story about Colton Orr

Published February 29, 2024 at 6:22 PM

With the power of social media and the directness that players open themselves to by telling old stories after their careers are long gone, fans get to hear all these funny stories which brings them closer to their favorite teams.

During an episode of Kyper and Bourne on Sportsnet, former Rangers goalie Steve Valiquette was the main guest and he told the hilarious story about former Rangers forward Colton Orr on how many thought he had a metal plate put into his fist to help knockout players.

As he continued the story, it was clear that Nick Kypreos and Justin Bourne had no idea that this had happened and the fact that he had Colton or send an X-ray of his hand with the middle finger to the commissioner of the NHL along with Garth Snow sent the guys over the top with tons of laughter.

These kinds of interviews or what make the NHL and pro sports even better than it was before.
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Former Ranger tells hilarious story about Colton Orr

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