Explaining The Rangers Cap Space, IR Placement Of Fox And Chytil

Alexender Camilo
November 3, 2023  (7:09 PM)

Let's break down what has happened in the past few hours for the Rangers in terms of IR news and recalls.

It's been a constant stream of updates as we try to keep up.
Let's first get the easy news out of the way.
The Rangers have place Filip Chytil on injured reserved(IR), which means he will be ineligible to play for seven days.
The soonest he can return is the November 12 matchup against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Being placed on IR does nothing to clear the cap space, all it does is free up a roster spot.
Secondly, the Rangers have placed Adam Fox on long term injured reserve(LTIR). Meaning he will be ineligible to return for at least 10 games, and 24 days.
The earliest he would be able to return is November 29, the home game against the Detroit Red Wings.
What this does is it allows the team to exceed the salary cap, and placing Fox on LTIR, that gave them about $9.5M in available space, which is why they could recall three players today and still play around with the salary of Chytil.
The downside with placing Fox on LTIR is when Fox does return, the Rangers will lose that $9.5 million in cap space, it could actually decrease their chances of signing anyone because it halts the accrual process, and lessen how much cap space they'll have at the deadline.
Sorry to all you Patrick Kane to the Rangers hopefuls out there.
Unfortunately, we only discussed best case scenarios for their soonest returns.
But until we hear official confirmation from the Rangers organization, the actual timetable for their return to the team, is still uncertain, and could be longer than we expect.
With the added cap space from Fox being in LTIR, the Rangers have recalled goaltender Louis Domingue, and defenseman Connor Mackey, from the Hartford Wolf Pack.
Louis Domingue will be the backup to Jonathan Quick, during tomorrow's game against the Minnesota Wild.
Quick was already scheduled to play tomorrow. Igor Shesterkin was able to play the entirety of Thursday's night game against the Carolina Hurricanes, but was noticeably banged up in a few plays.
Earlier today, the Rangers have also recalled forward Jonny Brodzinski.
We will update more on this news later.
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