Bobby Ryan on the Senators
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Bobby Ryan drops bombshell statement about Rangers playoff hopes

Published March 28, 2024 at 11:05

It appears that former NHLer Bobby Ryan continues to have no faith in the Rangers or their Stanley Cup aspirations. During an interview with the Morning Cuppa Hockey, host Johnny Lazarus lays it out on the line to Ryan on whether he still thinks the Rangers are fraudulent.

This all began when Ryan was on another podcast making the claim that the Rangers were frauds. Since then, he has had a small change of heart saying they're not fraudulent, but he only thinks the team can win in the regular season and does not have enough grit or grind to survive 4 rounds of NHL playoff hockey.

The BlueShirts were the first team in the NHL to clinch a playoff spot as they currently have a record of 72 games played, 48-20-4 for 100 points.

As all fans know, it seems that the trend to winning through the Stanley Cup playoffs is through a recipe of grinders, defensemen who can throw the body and clear out the net while scoring just enough goals to win the game.

The Rangers have had hardship when they learned last year after being thumped out of the first round. It remains to be seen on how the Rangers will handle this year's playoff but the team seems hungrier this year and willing to go an extra step to coming out on top.
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Bobby Ryan drops bombshell statement about Rangers playoff hopes

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