Season updates on four former players who parted ways in New York

January 21, 2024  (5:25 PM)

The New York Rangers are doing really well in the 2023-24 NHL season, sitting at the top of the Metropolitan Division with a record of 28-14-2.

This is surprising considering how they got knocked out early in the playoffs last season by the New Jersey Devils.
Because of money issues, the Rangers had to let go of some important players in the offseason. Let's see how these ex-Rangers are doing with their new teams.

Patrick Kane:

One of the big names leaving the Rangers was Patrick Kane. He didn't do super great during his time in New York, partly because he had a hip problem. Even though both sides were interested in him coming back, the Rangers had to focus on other players due to money concerns. After getting hip surgery in the offseason, Kane signed with the Detroit Red Wings in November. So far, he's been doing well, scoring seven goals and 16 points in 19 games. The Red Wings are hoping he helps them make the playoffs.

Tyler Motte:

Tyler Motte was traded for in both the 2022 and 2023 Trade Deadlines. He played well in a lower-level role for the Rangers. But because of money issues, they couldn't keep him, and he signed with the Ottawa Senators. In Ottawa, he's done okay, getting five goals and 10 points in 24 regular-season games. However, he didn't score in the playoffs against the Devils.

Niko Mikkola:

Niko Mikkola came in the trade that brought Vladimir Tarasenko to the Rangers from the St. Louis Blues. He was supposed to be a lower-tier defenseman but had to play a bigger role because of an injury to Ryan Lindgren. Surprisingly, Mikkola did well, scoring one goal and three points in 31 regular-season games, plus two assists in the seven playoff games.

Vladimir Tarasenko:

Out of the players brought in before the 2023 Trade Deadline, Vladimir Tarasenko did the best for the Rangers. He played in a top-six right-wing position and gave the team what they needed. Tarasenko scored eight goals and 21 points in 31 regular-season games. In the playoffs against the Devils, he kept it up, scoring three goals and four points in the seven games. He was one of the more reliable players during that series and played with a shoot-first mentality, which the Rangers needed and still need.
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Season updates on four former players who parted ways in New York

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