Jim Montgomery Blames David Pastrňák For Choking 3-1 Series Lead Again

Sara Amaya
May 3, 2024  (8:59)

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The Boston Bruins will play the Toronto Maple Leafs in a Game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs and it looks like the majority of fans are rooting hard for the Toronto Maple Leafs to take that win. Fans have noticed the recent lack of motivation by the Boston Bruins and they have been getting a lot of hate. The Boston Bruins' own Coach Jim Montgomery calls out David Pastrňák in this interview clip on X.

The coach goes on to say that the team's best players need to bring their A game during the playoffs and states that Marchand (another Bruins player) has been pulling his weight so far but that the rest of the team needs to step it up. «Ouch,» that has got to sting coming from your coach even if he is correct, the comment here is completely uncalled for. Do you think Monty panicked during this interview? Or was he in the right to put one of his players on the spot? I think he should have stayed silent if he didn't have anything positive to say at the very least in public and then in private spoken to his team or individual players. It's bad if your own coach doesn't think you have what it takes to dominate. This could indeed affect how the team performs on the ice as well after hearing this.
Needless to say, the Boston Bruins have a lot of pressure on their shoulders right now to make a comeback because if they fail beat the Toronto Maple Leafs in the final game of the opening round, they will be left in ruins, as they will become the first team in the history of major sports to lose 3-1 leads in back-to-back seasons. Yikes, it's not looking good if you're a Boston Bruins fan right now. Keep those fingers crossed. If there is one thing I know, the Toronto Maple Leafs will come in hungry to advance and that is where my vote is going in this next game as the Stanley Cup Playoffs continue.

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Jim Montgomery Blames David Pastrňák For Choking 3-1 Series Lead Again

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